The 2019-2020 OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee Has Been Formed!

OpenHPC is pleased to announce the formation of the 2019-20 Technical Steering Committee.

Join us in congratulating and thanking this year’s participants.

  • Reese Baird (SpaceX)
  • Aaron Blakeman (Intel)
  • David Brayford (LRZ)
  • Chris Downing (Amazon Web Services)
  • Craig Gardner (SUSE)
  • Oguzhan Herkiloglu (Comodo)
  • Alex Lovell-Troy (Cray)
  • Takayuki Okamoto (Fujitsu)
  • Kevin Pedretti (Sandia National Laboratories)
  • Nam Pho (University of Washington)
  • Cyrus Proctor (Texas Advanced Computing Center)
  • Adrian Reber (Red Hat)
  • Ashish K Singh (Dell)
  • Raja Subramani (Dell)
  • Nirmala Sundararajan (Dell)
End-User/Site Representatives
  • Christopher Simmons (UT Dallas)
  • Eric Coulter (Indiana University)
  • Derek Simmel (PSC)
Upstream Component Development Representatives
  • Michael Karo (Altair)
Testing Coordinator(s)
  • Karl W. Schulz (UT Austin)
Project Leader
  • Karl W. Schulz (UT Austin)

Previous membership lists: