OpenHPC Announces Release of Version 1.3.5

The OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee is proud to announce the release of version 1.3.5.

This is an update release for the OHPC 1.3.x branch targeting support for CentOS 7.5 and SLES12SP3. This update release provides a number of component updates, rebuilds of older compiler/MPI variants using our updated dependency schema for dynamic libraries, and one new addition (Charliecloud).

Note that users who previously enabled the OHPC 1.3 repository via the ohpc-release package will have access to the updates available in 1.3.5 and no additional repository enablement should be necessary. Please see the Release Notes for more detailed information along with important highlights for those interested in upgrading their local installations.

Release Notes:
Install Guides/Release RPMs:

Finally, for those who are using elements of OpenHPC, we’d certainly be grateful if you would consider registering your system(s) using the System Registration Form.

Also, for those attending ISC 2018 in Germany OpenHPC will have a booth (L-414) – please feel free to come by and say hello and share your successes and challenges with leveraging OpenHPC.